FHAAFair Housing Amendments Act of 1988
FHAAFort Hunt Athletic Association (Annadale, VA)
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The ACAA uses essentially the same definition of disability as the ADA and FHAA, focusing on protecting individuals with physical or mental impairments that substantially limit a minimum of one major life activity 14 C.
30) The only change made by the 1988 amendments was procedural: the FHAA made violations of [section] 3617 subject to the statute's regular enforcement methods, which had previously controlled only claims under the FHA's other substantive provisions.
In 1937, well before the enactment of the FHA or the FHAA, Congress enacted the United States Housing Act, beginning a major federal effort to provide decent and affordable housing for low-income people.
For people with disabilities seeking a place to live in market-rate apartments or condominiums, FHAA has meant they should be able to find one that, in the words of the law, affords them "full enjoyment of the premises" [42 U.
11) Beyond this agreement, however, courts have often struggled with the meaning of the term and have, on occasion, come to differing conclusions as to whether certain actions are reasonable accommodations within the meaning of the FHAA.
69) The COFC compared the "prevailing party" language in the EAJA with that in the FHAA and the ADA and concluded that the FHAA and the ADA allowed the court broad discretion to determine if a plaintiff was a "prevailing party.
section] 1988, on which the ADA and FHAA provisions were modeled, stated that "parties may be considered to have prevailed when they vindicate rights through a consent judgment or without formally obtaining relief.
The home sought injunctive relief in federal district court, alleging that the self-preservation requirement violated the FHAA and the ADA, on the ground that it prohibited nursing homes from accommodating people with disabilities.
There are differing opinions on what Congress meant when it included protections for families with children under the FHAA.