FHAGFor Honour and Glory
FHAGFair Housing Accessibility Guidelines (US Department of Housing and Urban Development)
FHAGFish Habitat Advisory Group (Canada)
FHAGFairfield House and Garden
FHAGFowgay Hall Action Group (UK)
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Wales, whose analysis is ongoing with a release date scheduled for late this year, said he has identified many statements in the FHAG and the FHDM that can be viewed as conflicting and contradictory, and that an owner probably needs a guide just to understand the guide.
HUD states that the FHAG lists neither mandatory nor minimum requirements and provides one of many methods that may be used to comply with the FHA.
BCMC members relied heavily upon HUD's interpretations to ensure that the proposed model-code language was consistent with FHAG and the intent of the law.
As part of the effort to clarify FHAG requirements, the Residential Task Force of the ANSI A117.
In addition, HUD has approved the codes (International Building Code B 2000, with 2001 Supplement) as a safe harbor for complying with the FHAG.
Most important, they will not have HUDs endorsement as a safe harbor for designing in accordance with FHAG.
To clarify the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act at the beginning of the design and building development process, NAA/NMHC have repeatedly urged HUD to conduct a review of the model building codes for compliance with FHAG and recently a consultant was selected by HUD to undertake that review.