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FHBFusarium Head Blight
FHBFirst Hawaiian Bank
FHBFirst Home Buyer (Australia)
FHBFlexor Hallucis Brevis
FHBFacques Hess Bourbouloux (French administrative company)
FHBFine Home Building (magazine)
FHBFetal Heart Beat
FHBFamily Hold Back
FHBFish Hungry Bastard (Harbinger, NC)
FHBFédération Hattrick Belgique (French: Belgian Hat Trick Federation; Belgian soccer organization)
FHBFair Haired Boy
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2] generation was based on agronomic appearance and reactions to FHB and foliar diseases.
XE), and Hungarian mortgage bank FHB Jelzalogbank Nyrt (FHB.
Pandeya and Sinha (1998) reported a poor relationship between visual FHB disease rating of spikelets in the greenhouse and presence of DON in wheat seeds.
Zoltan Speder, the chairman of Hungarian mortgage bank FHB, has raised his holding in the entity to 16.
Oklee has moderate resistance to FHB in misted, inoculated field nurseries, similar to the resistance of 2375.
Insurance companies may start to develop hospital insurance plans to be certified by the FHB, pending the passage of the relevant Amendment Bill by the Legislative Council.
FHB control requires fungicides with high efficiency and it must be performed at the adequate moment the maximum number of anthers are exposed (Reis et al.
Aggressiveness (measured as FHB severity or TKW) differed significantly among 17 F.
A representative for FHB told the news agency that the bank will comment on whether it would bid for Takarekbank only after the state publishes the tender details.
The Hungarian bank FHB is on its way to becoming viable once again - while the distortion of competition created by the aid it receives to enable it to do so is kept to the minimum.
The banks named by the regulator under the scheme are Budapest Bank, CIB Bank, Erste Bank Hungary, FHB Kereskedelmi Bank, Kereskedelmi es Hitelbank (K&H), Magyarorszagi Volksbank, MKB Bank, OTP Bank (PINK:OTPBF), Raiffeisen Bank (PINK: RAIFF) and UniCredit Bank Hungary.
Because we were interested in the origin of the virus, we categorized outbreaks involving PB transmission but starting with food as FB-food, FB-feces, or FHB, depending on available information.