FHCPFlorida Health Care Plans
FHCPFamilies and Health Care Project
FHCPFederal Hazard Communication Program
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The mere potential for increased costs to, or a payment to be made by, an FHCP may be enough to violate the law; no actual payout by an FHCP is necessary as long as the challenged remuneration is for an item or service that could be paid for by an FHCP; (80) and
Before passage of MMA, the OIG had very little interest in PAPs that provided free drugs directly to uninsured patients because there were no FHCP dollars involved.
FHCP contractually agreed to perform all provider recruitment and network maintenance necessary to ensure adequate access and service provision.
According to FHCP, participating physicians were told by the plan to expect that FHK enrollees would be like Medicaid patients in their utilization of care.
In cooperation with Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, the EIR lead agency, FirstCarbon Solutions will deliver high-quality environmental services and support the timely implementation of the HCP project through preparation of the required California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation on behalf of FHCP.
About Friends of the Hollywood Central Park FHCP is a non-profit organization dedicated to building the Hollywood Central Park, a 44-acre street urban level park over the Hollywood Freeway as it travels below grade through the heart of Hollywood.
We are excited about bringing FHCP into the BCBSF family," said Robert I.
As a result of this acquisition, FHCP members who are temporarily outside of the Volusia and Flagler service area, to include students away at college, will have access to the BCBSFL Statewide and National networks," said Butch Simpson, CEO of FHCP.
Myers said FHCP selected Allscripts because TouchWorks PM offers advanced functionality that is far superior to its existing practice management system, along with improved integration with the Electronic Health Record.
TouchWorks PM also enables FHCP to bring together the Electronic Health Record with its HMO database, delivering improved levels of patient service and reimbursement, said Mikelle Streicher, Ph.
FHCP also will implement the iHealth module of TouchWorks, which gives patients secure, online access to their own personal health record, the ability to request appointments and medication refills online, and the ability to receive health education that is personalized for them.
After a rigorous review of Electronic Health Record vendors, FHCP selected Allscripts for its ease of use, its off-the-shelf non-proprietary technology, and its interoperability with other information technology systems, said Roy Klostermeyer, FHCP's Chief Information Officer.