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FHEField Hockey Equipment (sporting goods; various locations)
FHEFive Hour Energy (beverage)
FHEFemmes et Hommes dans l'Eglise (French: Women and Men in the Church)
FHEFlexible Hybrid Electronics (Manufacturing Innovation Institute; San Jose, CA)
FHEFamily Home Evening (LDS church)
FHEFatal Hardware Error
FHEFamily Health Education (various organizations)
FHEFamily Home Entertainment
FHEFirst Hand Experience
FHEFurther and Higher Education Act (1992)
FHEFacultad de Humanidades y Educación (Spanish: Universidad Central de Venezuela)
FHEFoothills Elementary
FHEFume Hood Exhaust
FHEFrance Hydro Electricité (French: France Hydro Electricity)
FHEForward Headquarters Element
FHEFlood Hazard Evaluation
FHEFemoral Head Excision (medical procedure)
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Moreover, the FHE manufacturing processes demonstrated by NextFlex in this project will be transformational for a number of Air Force applications.
Model I analyzed the associations between gender, marital status, epilepsy duration, age of onset of epilepsy, FHE, PNR, CNSI, FCs, consanguinity between parents, psychiatric disorders, and AED use.
Our members equally share our passion for making FHE technology real and pervasive in the United States.
FHE is best described as the intersection of additive circuitry, passive devices and sensor systems that may be manufactured using printing methods for flexible substrates--sometimes referred to as printed electronics--with thin, flexible silicon chips or multichip interposers inserted into devices.
The first FHE scheme [28] based on the ideal lattice approach was theoretically demonstrated by Gentry in 2009, after three decades of research exploration of homomorphic encryption.
The person-in-charge of each FHE was asked to complete an interviewer-administered questionnaire.
Pubble is a community engagement platform that FHE providers can use to answer website questions and engage with prospective and current students via websites and social media.
Otro factor que hay que tomar en cuenta, es el poco interes demostrado por proyectar una imagen corporativa de internacionalizacion, para ello y siguiendo las experiencias que aporta la DEPG de la FHE, se recomiendadisenar un plan de desarrollo institucional que permita crear las bases para lograr una acreditacion internacional de cualquiera de los programas que a bien ofrece cada division.
The second regime that is designed to ameliorate double taxation is the joint operation of the FETE and FHE rules.
Conocer cuales son las competencias logradas por los docentes titulados de las cuatro carreras de pedagogia de la FHE de la UDA de las cohortes 2000-2001 en relacion a los objetivos planteados por los Modulos ABP.
The new alliance led to vastly differences global marketing approaches between CNH Global and Hitachi Construction and resulted in the dissolution of FHE.