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FHFBFederal Housing Finance Board
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Under your view, because the President has not designated the former FHFB Inspector General to act as Inspector General for the FHFA, the former Inspector General may not exercise the powers and duties of the FHFA Inspector General.
7) Changes in the conforming loan limit are determined by aggregate house price growth as estimated by the FHFB average price series discussed in Note 2 above.
FHLBs "strongly urge" FHFB to pull retained earnings plan.
To assist the committee in understanding the important issues surrounding the FHLBank System and its regulation, this testimony provides information on the development of the System; two legislative changes and FHFB rulemaking that led to changes in membership, asset composition, and capital structure; and important challenges and questions the FHLBank System currently faces.
Trust Digital, the leading mobile security management provider, today announced the Federal Housing Finance Board (FHFB) has selected its Smartphone Security Management Software to comply with the Office of Management & Budget's (OMB) security regulations which mandate protection of sensitive data stored on FHFB mobile devices.
Among the FHLBanks' differing approaches to setting advance pricing terms, FHFB has not found that any practice results in significant violations of statute or regulation.
We are pleased that FHFB has appointed two individuals of such stature to our Board of Directors," said John R.
The FHFB reported a decline in the average home price of $501 or 0.
Responding to concern about the methods used for administrative decisionmaking, and the ability of the Federal Housing Finance Board (FHFB) to fulfill its critical mission to regulate the safety and soundness of the System, GAO was asked to (1) compare the FHFB chair's administrative authorities with those of other financial regulators and discuss the basis for that authority, (2) assess FHFB's compliance with selected statutes and regulations in connection with an August 2002 reduction-in-force (RIF) carried out as part of an agency reorganization, and (3) assess FHFB's progress in enhancing its FHLBank safety and soundness examination program.
The FHFB contract is a five year award for application and development services.
The decline in the FHFB ARM share showed a more pronounced decline in the ARM share than that from the Mortgage Bankers Association weekly survey of mortgage applications (which includes refinance and government purchase loans).
We are delighted that FHFB has appointed two additional directors to our Board," said John R.