FHFCFlorida Housing Finance Corporation
FHFCFlorida Housing Finance Corp.
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This program will make the dream of homeownership a reality for hundreds of Florida families," said Mark Kaplan, FHFC Executive Director.
In an effort to prevent further claims on the portfolio, FHFC has implemented a program to provide assistance to multifamily properties within the portfolio.
The FHFC maintains the ability to remove funds from the program if the asset parity requirement of 102% is met.
Florida Secretary of the Department of Community Affairs and board member of FHFC Steve Seibert reiterated O'Brien's comments and added, "Florida Housing is enthusiastic about the opportunities presented to Floridians through the current First-Time Homebuyers Program.
Of the 30 developments that received SMI funding, 14 have subsequently been supported by the second program implemented by FHFC, State Apartment Incentive Loan for Extremely Low Income households (SAIL ELI) financing.
The master trust indenture adopted by FHFC in 1995 establishes the bonds' security lien, new issuance requirements, flow of funds, and minimal loan requirements.
FHFC dug deep to secure a 5-4 win in the Tuesday Prem against King Harry and there were also wins for Swifty's and Blackbeards delight in the Tuesday league.
In the Tuesday league FHFC look the team to beat after smashing Memunchies 20-3 to move clear at the top of the league but The King Harry matched them with a 20-8 win to keep goal difference close.
The FHFC wants affordable housing residents to live in healthy, comfortable, durable and affordable homes.
The current offering is the 40th sale of bonds issued under a flexible master trust indenture adopted by FHFC in 1995.
In an effort to prevent further claims on the portfolio, the FHFC board authorized the corporation to provide limited debt service assistance to multifamily properties within the portfolio where necessary.
FHFC issued an additional $50 million of guarantee revenue bonds in September 1999, $75 million in October 2000, and $100 million in April 2002.