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FHFS is the nation's oldest and largest administrator of managed care programs for military families, currently serving more than 1.
FHFS is the nation's largest administrator of managed care programs for military families, currently serving more than 1.
Maryland's Medicaid managed care program is similar to programs FHFS already administers in Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Georgia to a combined total of nearly two million eligible Medicaid beneficiaries.
In each state, FHFS provides outreach, education and enrollment services to ensure Medicaid beneficiaries have a full understanding of all options and choices before selecting an HMO to provide medical care.
FHFS is a sister company of Foundation Health, a California Health Plan; Foundation Health, A Texas Health Plan, Inc.
FHFS has subcontracted with an affiliate of The Queen's Health Care Plan to administer health care services in Hawaii.
Civilian contractors, such as FHFS, coordinate extensively with military Lead Agents -- high ranking military personnel responsible for the administration and success of TRICARE programs -- and commanders of military treatment facilities in managing the medical care of the CHAMPUS beneficiaries.
Subject to the completion of a sub-contract between FHFS and Access Health, Personal Health Advisor will initially be offered to more than 250,000 Region 6 CHAMPUS beneficiaries.
Access Health expects to enter into a subcontract with FHFS, the prime contractor, to provide Personal Health Advisor in Region 6 upon the commencement of the CHAMPUS program.
FHFS began providing services under the original contract in January 1992 and has helped more than 400,000 people enroll in the managed care program.
Serving as the Health Benefits Coordinator for the New Jersey Medicaid Managed Care Program, FHFS will prepare Medicaid recipients for a successful entry into managed health care plans, emphasizing primary and preventive care services.
In New Jersey, FHFS will begin phased-in hiring and training of more than 78 staff positions immediately with services to begin as early as Jan.