FHFHFarmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry
FHFHFort Hood Family Housing (Fort Hood, TX)
FHFHFlatirons Habitat for Humanity (Boulder, CO)
FHfHFoothills Habitat for Humanity (Roseville, CA)
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Third: Miguel Encamacion, Fort Hood Family Housing, FHFH
Besides feeding hungry families, reducing deer numbers, and increasing recreational hunting days, Maryland's FHFH program inspires other economic benefits.
And one more thing is abundantly clear: The maintenance techs of FHFH Resident Services wear their hearts on their tool belts.
The FHFH Act was introduced today by Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-Stockton).
FHFH is a non-profit organization that helps hunters return to their food-provider heritage by transforming hunter harvests into tasty, nutritious meals for those in need across the country.
This year, I made an additional donation by entering the FHFH Eastern Shore Benefit Hunt, and it certainly paid off
In 2002, the FHFH hunt was in full swing when Rupe's buddy Dave showed up.
The deadline is nearing for this year's Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) Eastern Shore Benefit Hunt With just a $10 or more donation to FHFH your name will be entered in FHFH's Aug.
I positioned myself for the shot, hoping at least to get a doe to donate to FHFH.
FHFH are the good guys helping to feed needy people everywhere.
The FHFH Eastern Shore Benefit Hunt will take place November 17-21, 2003.
Over the past 6 years, FHFH is credited with serving up 12,000,000 venison meals to the hungry