FIAMMFabbrica Italiana Accumulatori Motocarri Montecchio (Italian automotive and industrial components company)
FIAMMFondo de Inversión en Activos de Mercado Monetario (money-market fund, money-market mutual fund)
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Dos de las empresas--y tambien los demandados--presentaron sendos recursos de casacion contra las sentencias del TPI, los cuales fueron acumulados y resueltos por la Gran Sala del TJCE: FIAMM, C-120/06 P, y Fedon, C-121/06 P (236).
Citation: Judgments of Court of First Instance in cases T- 69/00, T-151/00, T-301/00, T-320/00, T-383/00, T-135/01, FIAMM et FIAMM Technologies, No.
Partnering with a major organization such as FIAMM marks a significant milestone toward realizing our ultimate goal to rapidly commercialize [FC] products," said Nuvera president and CEO C.
FIAMM, which claims to be Europe's third largest producer of lead-acid batteries and the world leader in car horn manufacture, has been steadily building its presence in the UK market.
Both VB and FIAMM make and sell batteries for passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles.
VB is already Europe's leading supplier of car starter batteries and if it were to hook up with this very side of FIAMM, the number of European suppliers in this market would be reduced from three to two.
With strong competitors such as Exide and FIAMM, the deal would not change the competition outlook in the EEA, the Commission ruled.
FIAMM, one of the world's largest battery manufacturers, and Switzerland-based MES-DEA, the leading global producer of sodium-nickel-chloride batteries, have partnered to create a new company called FZ Sonick that will manufacture and market alternative energy storage solutions throughout the world.
Hearing Joined Cases T-69/00, T-151/00, T-301/00, T-320/00, T-383/00, T-135/01 FIAMM and FIAMM Technologies v Council and Commission, External relations.
Hearing in Joined Cases T-69/00, T-151/00, T-297/00, T-301/00 FIAMM and FIAMM Technologies v Council and Commission: External relations - Application for compensation in respect of loss allegedly suffered by the applicants following retaliatory measures applied by the American authorities to a series of Community products, including batteries produced and exported by the applicants, in the context of the dispute over the European scheme for importing bananas.
These are Mutuafondo Dinero FIAMM, rated 'AAAf/S1+'; Mutuafondo FIM, rated 'AAAf/S2'; and Mutuafondo L.