FICAMFederal Identity, Credential and Access Management (US CIO)
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Le FICAM est ainsi la vitrine des realisateurs qui poussent leurs limites dans la creation dans l'art de l'animation.
This represents the first in a series of Identiv's planned investments in the FICAM arena, consolidating its commitment to the US federal government, high-security access control, and robust cryptography utilization within Identiv's Premises Access products.
To find out more about using a federated identity service to satisfy the requirements of the FICAM initiative, please contact Don Graham.
Fully compliant with FIPS-201 and HSPD-12 and recently FICAM approved, Freedom leverages the power of the IT infrastructure to control access points through encryption bridges that transform card readers into IP addressable devices.
The company's capabilities include specialization in the areas of IT Modernization, Enterprise Architecture, SOA (High Volume XML processing), Portal Implementations Business Intelligence (BI), eDiscovery and Forensics, Submission Processing, Cyber Security Management, Identity Access Management, FICAM, HSPD-12, Records and Document Management Solutions, Scanning, OCR, Paper Record Conversion, Full Life Cycle Software Development, and O&M with 24x7 support.
Realisateur de court-metrages, en l'occurrence de Rodolfo Traviata (film fiction), Traverses (dessin anime), lieux communs (essai documentaire), Antoine a fait le deplacement au FICAM pour animer la conference inaugurale autour du documentaire anime.
HID Global's new ActivEntry, when integrated with Monitor Dynamics' SAFEnet access control system, delivers a Trusted FICAM Platform for FIPS-201 and OMB 11-11 compliance that is instantly capable of reading all versions of PIV, CAC and TWIC smart cards.
Viscount Systems, a provider of IT-based access control software and services, has declared that itsFreedomAccess Control security solution has been sanctioned as a fully-compliant FICAM solution under the program s Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) 13.
AlertEnterprise Showcases Comprehensive OMB 11-11 Software Solution for Federal Enterprise Access Management with Integrated PIV-PACS Capabilities Based on HSPD-12, FICAM, and FIPS 201, at GovSec 2011, Booth #1910
XTec's Enterprise AuthentX 5 Suite will enable all DHS Components to execute strong identity and access management controls, boosting secure access to DHS applications and resources furthering enterprise FICAM execution.
Monitor Dynamics' Trusted FICAM Platform gives civilian and defense agencies a robust, high-assurance physical access control solution (PACS) that complies with NIST-SP 800-116, FIPS 201 and the DoD's DTM 09-012, which are the Government standards for PKI-based identity credentialing and access management.
Actualites Eecrit par Mohamed Nait Youssef L e FICAM attire de plus en plus de professionnels, etudiants et amateurs de cinema d'animation.