FICAMFederal Identity, Credential and Access Management (US CIO)
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Last year, the GSA realigned its Approved Products List requirements with the FICAM Roadmap.
In 2012, all these activities reached 1,1 billion Euros in France according to the French Trade association FICAM (2014) for a panel of 109 companies: post-production accounted for 17%, immediately followed by dubbing/subtitling and mobile production unit with 15%, then shooting studios and shooting rentals with 13% each.
La Tunisie qui panse encore les plaies de la tuerie qui a eu lieu au musee du Bardo, il y a quelques jours, est presente au FICAM avec le realisateur Taieb Jellouli qui partage les premieres images de son long metrage qui est en production.
This represents the first in a series of Identiv's planned investments in the FICAM arena, consolidating its commitment to the US federal government, high-security access control, and robust cryptography utilization within Identiv's Premises Access products.
beaucoup moins que]Annee apres annee, le FICAM tente de dessiner les contours singuliers et pluriels du cinema d'animation mondial.
To find out more about using a federated identity service to satisfy the requirements of the FICAM initiative, please contact Don Graham.
Viscount Systems, a provider of IT-based access control software and services, has declared that itsFreedomAccess Control security solution has been sanctioned as a fully-compliant FICAM solution under the program s Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) 13.
Deloitte supported the development of the FICAM Roadmap and Implementation Guidance, sponsored by the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace in collaboration with a cross-agency working group.
XTec's Enterprise AuthentX 5 Suite will enable all DHS Components to execute strong identity and access management controls, boosting secure access to DHS applications and resources furthering enterprise FICAM execution.
C'est la premiere fois que j'assiste au FICAM, mais j'ai remarque une certaine ferveur, un dynamisme que je loue vraiment.
HID Global's new ActivEntry, when integrated with Monitor Dynamics' SAFEnet access control system, delivers a Trusted FICAM Platform for FIPS-201 and OMB 11-11 compliance that is instantly capable of reading all versions of PIV, CAC and TWIC smart cards.
Jean-Michel Kibushi: Le FICAM grandit annee apres en annee, tant au niveau de l'organisation, de la selection des films, de la salle de projection des films qui est desormais equipee en 3D qu'au niveau du choix soigneux des invites.