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FICBFédération Internationale des Confréries Bachiques (French: International Federation of Brotherhoods Bacchic)
FICBFederal Intermediate Credit Bank
FICBFederazione Italiana Calcio Balilla (Italian: Italian Foosball Association)
FICBFellowship of the Institute of Canadian Bankers
FICBFellowship in Christ, Berkeley (Daly City, CA)
FICBFellow of the Institute of Certified Book-Keepers
FICBFirst Intercontinental Bank (Doraville, GA)
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sup][3] The FICI was calculated for each combination using the following formula: FICI = FICA + FICB, where FICA = MIC of drug A in combination/MIC of drug A alone, and FICB = MIC of drug B in combination/MIC of drug B alone.
Retired credit professional and past member of FICB (Fellowship of the Institute of Canadian Bankers), Andy Steele, CCP, said he has used collection and resolution dispute administrator.
Wild, FICB, CMA who is a retired career banker and financial planner She specialized in Personal & Corporate financing for over 25 years.