FICNFree Inner Core Nutation
FICNFourth International Congress of Nematology
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The Indian foreign secretary pointed to robust bilateral relations between the two countries for her optimism in expecting concrete deliverables in Bangladesh cooperating with India tackling the FICN menace.
NIA had produced evidence through RBI experts and forensic tests by Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) to show that FICN features, paper quality and printing quality matched that of Pakistani currency and thus could only have been printed by Pakistan government press.
The pulp found to be 100 per cent rag in the FICN which is normally used in making currency papers.
The note says that FICN network is hand- in- glove with LeT, Al Badr, HuJI, JuM ( Bangladesh) and specially designated global terrorist ( SDGT) Dawood Ibrahim and associates.
Tunda claimed he doesn't even remember how long this had been going on for and the amount of FICN he smuggled into India so far.
The Finance Ministry is trying to tackle slow economic growth, high inflation and a thriving black economy, but the increased volume of FICN in circulation will counter government effort.
The FICN also comes into the country through diplomatic courier baggage, police claim.
The government has for the first time put a figure to the value of FICN in "circulation" -Rs.
India will also recommend that sophisticated machines to detect FICN be installed at the Kathmandu airport," an MHA source said.
Kumar further asked his personnel to focus attention on sectors having direct impact on common people like food, pharmaceutical, education, health, FICN, insurance, human trafficking, missing persons especially women, children among many others.
The logic is that a person submitting less than five fake notes is likely to not be a FICN trafficker.
To address the multi-dimensional aspects of the FICN menace, several agencies such as the RBI, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Intelligence Agencies of the Centre, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), etc.