FICRFederazione Italiana Cronometristi (Italian Timekeepers Federation)
FICRFish Crow (Corvus ossifragus)
FICRFederation Internationale de la Croix-Rouge (French)
FICRFriends International Center in Ramallah
FICRFibre Crops
FICRFederal Interagency Chemistry Representatives
FICRFederal Indirect Cost Reimbursement
FICRFinancial Claims and Reimbursement
FICRFinancial Inventory Control Report
FICRFederal Indirect Cost Recovery
FICRFinal Current Ranges
FICRFinancial Integration Consulting and Research, Inc. (Taiwan)
FICRFellow of the Institute of Clinical Research (UK)
FICRFoundation for Inter-Community Relations (India)
FICRFederal Interstate Case Reconciliation
FICRFederal Indirect Cost Rate
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Mirage FICR et CT is written in French and obviously targeted at the French market.
Miller PhD FICR CSci, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, commented "BioClinica has been actively involved in the OA Imaging field for both Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis Drugs (DMOADs) and cartilage repair for years.
FICR CSci, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, who added, "Andy is a gifted and disciplined researcher who will make an immediate contribution to BioClinica's culture of excellence and innovation for clinical trial support.
Miller, PhD, FICR, CSci, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs, will chair the poster presentation at this conference.