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FICTFederazione Italiana Comunita Terapeutiche (Italian)
FICTFamilies in Cultural Transition (New South Wales, Australia)
FICTFederazione Italiana Canoa Turistica (Italian: Italian Federation of Canoe Tourist; est. 1978; Italy)
FICTFaculty of Information and Communication Technologies (Swinburne University of Technology; Australia)
FICTFood Industry Council of Tasmania (est. 1999; Australia)
FICTFree Internet Conferencing Tools
FICTForest Industry Council on Taxation
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Having been recently awarded on November 1 at the 33rd Milano International FICTS Festival for 'Unique Achievement in Travelling', for travelling up Mount Kilimanjaro on a camel, Bin Mejran explained that you do not need to be a trained athlete to carry out such challenges.
Commenting on the partnership between QOSM and FICTS, he said, "The partnership was essential as FICTS is an umbrella institution for films and can provide licences and ensure that the films are of good quality.
Meanwhile, the President of FICTS Prof Franco Ascani presented mementos to the founder of The Youth Company Mohamed Farid and QOSM Director Christian Wacker, during the opening ceremony.
The two-day event was organised by The Youth Company, a social enterprise for youth development, and the Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum, under the patronage of FICTS (Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs).
The first of its kind film festival in the region, being under the patronage of FICTS (Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs), aims to promote the art of screenwriting and filmmaking in the world of sports and the Olympics.