FICUFriends International Christian University (Merced, CA)
FICUFederally Insured Credit Union
FICUFonds International de Coopération Universitaire (French: International Fund for University Cooperation)
FICUFinancial Information Central Unit (Haiti)
FICUfetal intensive care unit
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RESIDENTS on Chitron Street in Nicosia were in an uproar this week, accusing the Nicosia municipality of failing to protect them when a group of local businessmen went ahead and pruned almost all the ficus trees in their street.
To be successful you'll need a stealthy approach and a fly which closely mimics the falling ficus berries.
Ficus microcarpa (sometimes known as the Malay Banyan, among numerous other common names), is also often referred to by its synonyms F.
ramachandrai on infested Ficus trees can potentially be a viable option for the biological control of G.
Ficus triangularis has similar qualities to Ficus benjamina, but is more self-contained as it can be trained around a frame or trellis, creating a design impact.
Ficus trees are part of a unique genus that has been around for more than 60 million years, and have gained a reputation as objects of frustration for many gardeners' neighbors.
Cairo Governor's Deputy, Mohamed Mokhtar El-Hamalawy, directly supervises the Ficus remedy campaign.
The leaves and fruits of Ficus hispida were collected from Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh in November, 2010.
A sample of the stem bark of Ficus platyphylla, ('Gamji') was collected in paper bags from Bayara Farms in Bauchi metropolis, Nigeria.
Generally, Ficus accession WF44 was not only highest in K and calcium but also in zinc and copper (Table 1b).
According to handout issued here on Monday, these views were expressed by POF Chairman while inaugurating tree plantation campaign by planting a FICUS in the lawn of POF Board Secretariat.
In particular, the focal orangutans fed intensively on Ficus and Spatholobus during most of the study period, especially in periods of fruit shortage.