FICUFriends International Christian University (Merced, CA)
FICUFederally Insured Credit Union
FICUFonds International de Coopération Universitaire (French: International Fund for University Cooperation)
FICUFinancial Information Central Unit (Haiti)
FICUfetal intensive care unit
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In 2008, FICU asked JMFA to provide a comprehensive analysis and detailed recommendations for an overdraft protection program known as JMFA Overdraft Privilege.
In the present study, Artocarpus heterophyllus, Ficus natalensis, Albizia coriaria and Mangifera indica were dominant.
Ficus virens bark methanolic (FVBM) extract contained large amount of antioxidant with significant hypolipidemic property (Iqbal et al.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the roughness, the wettability and color of the surface of wood veneers from the Ficus sp.
Key words: Ficus palmata, Ecotypes, drugs, elements, medicinal
2005) noted that, if their age estimates are correct, this could imply that long distance oceanic dispersal is an important process in the present distribution of Ficus as also noted by Datwiler and Weiblen (2004); and that, the South American section Pharmacosycea would have separated from the rest of Ficus only 60 Myr ago, which postdates the separation of South America from Africa (about 90-100 Myr ago) during the break-up of Gondwana.
ficorum, identification of Ficus species by entomologists may not be entirely reliable.
SIDON, Lebanon: Residents of the southern port city of Sidon were shocked after some 10 Ficus trees, roughly 50-years-old each, were cut down.
Keywords: Ficus natalensis, Antibacterial activity, Antifungal activity, Antioxidant activity.
Ficus sycomorus-Cynodon dactylon RF Habitat Type 2: Species group b's diagnostic and characteristic species are Cynodon dactylon and Ficus sycomorus (Table 1).
Cissus quadrangularis (CQ), Butea monosperma (BM), Ficus benghalensis (FB), Ficus religiosa (FRel) and Ficus Racemosa (FR) were selected to be incorporated to CS scaffolds in various concentrations and protein adhesion was studied using depletion study.
Las morfoespecies con mayor numero de apariciones en las muestras fueron Ficus obtusifolia, Ficus sp.