FIDLFédération Indépendante et Démocratique Lycéenne (French union high school)
FIDLFully Integrated Data Link
FIDLForest Insect and Disease Leaflet (USDA)
FIDLFaculty Instructional Development Lab (various locatons)
FIDLFirst Institute of Dynamic Learning (Pakistan)
FIDLFAAD Instrument Data Link
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LDL cholesterol declined by 49% and FIDL cholesterol increased by 8% in patients taking rosuvastatin during the 2-year study.
The FIDL grouping of high school students said they want to keep pressure on President Jacques Chirac while his government decides how to replace the law, which made it easier for companies to hire and fire youths.
The UNEF university association, which joined with FIDL to call more protests, said it wants the government to go further and abandon other contested new reforms - including a law to allow teenagers to enter job apprenticeship programs at age 14 instead of 16.