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FIDSFederazione Italiana Danza Sportiva (Italian: Italian Dance Sport Federation)
FIDSFeathered Kids
FIDSFalkland Islands Dependencies Survey (now the British Antarctic Survey)
FIDSForest Insect and Disease Survey
FIDSFraud Investigation & Dispute Services
FIDSForest Interior Dwelling Species (Maryland)
FIDSFederation of Invisible Disabilities
FIDSFAA Incident Data System
FIDSFacility Intrusion Detection System
FIDSForce Identification System
FIDSFlavor Ingredient Data Sheets
FIDSFlight Information Display System
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Installed by ConeXus World, the new FIDS board incorporates NanoLumens' proprietary AWARE display-management system, a feature JFKIAT likes very much.
Specifically, I hypothesized certain relationships between women's levels of gender self-definition and statuses of feminist identity development, as measured by the FIDS and womanist identity development, as measured by the WAIS.
This procedure was used to control for the possible influence of the FIDS on the participants' reactions to the sexual scenario.
We managed to reduce the power consumption of a FIDS display by 80% without losing any picture quality or performance.
In addition, larger airports can use FlightVision as a back-up system for both planned interruptions and unplanned breakdowns of the main FIDS.
FIDS systems provide data from a central point and display it at multiple locations for passenger convenience.
Today's familiar types of FIDS are: the CRT-based message indicators, which are regarded as old technology but which still have much to offer; PDPs (plasma display panels) which contain gas-filled elements activated by an electric discharge, and which have been regarded as the best solution until recently; LED-carrying boards, which have been used in very large displays, and the TFT (thin film transistor) systems illuminated by rear-mounted electric bulbs and which are now seen as the most promising.
Given the proven reliability of the Infologic FIDS (100% 'up-time' in three years of service at Changi-Singapore airport), and the flexibility and performance seen with other installations elsewhere it is possible to keep customers up-to-date on a real time basis.
US manufacturer Com-Net is using Web technology for Its next generation of FIDS.
Including our recently announced order for FIDS displays to be installed in the San Francisco International Airport, the new orders that we have received in the past 60 days amount to $2.