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FIDSFederazione Italiana Danza Sportiva (Italian: Italian Dance Sport Federation)
FIDSFeathered Kids
FIDSFalkland Islands Dependencies Survey (now the British Antarctic Survey)
FIDSForest Insect and Disease Survey
FIDSFraud Investigation & Dispute Services
FIDSForest Interior Dwelling Species (Maryland)
FIDSFederation of Invisible Disabilities
FIDSFAA Incident Data System
FIDSFacility Intrusion Detection System
FIDSForce Identification System
FIDSFlavor Ingredient Data Sheets
FIDSFlight Information Display System
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To replicate Wolf's (1995) method for analyzing the FIDS, the 39 "Undifferentiated" women (see discussion for speculation about these women) were dropped in the testing of all hypotheses, thereby leaving 401 women.
The information is available in three formats including a Web FIDS display on the airports website or terminal monitors, XML data feed for integration into existing technology and SMS messaging for real-time flight updates directly to consumers via text messaging.
Looking further ahead, India and China are the emerging markets, so I expect their airports to provide the biggest demand for FIDS for several years to come.
FIDS was formed to meet the sophisticated development needs of First Industrial's customers and capitalizes on the growing development market while providing cost-effective, streamlined development and expansion services.
Thankfully, no-one should have any cause for complaint about lack of flight information today as much clever work has gone into the development and employment of today's generation of FIDS and their associate systems, which expand in purpose and number in line with operator requests.
While most airports are stuck with their FIDS, displaying their information from fixed display devices only, Infologic now offers a FIDS that can be used on both fixed and mobile display devices.
DOTX, a leader in supplying flight information display systems (FIDS) to the world's airports, announced today that it had received two orders for FIDS upgrades that, combined, total $700,000.
The general airport staff, who use the equipment, expect the FIDS or AODB to be easy to operate and configure when required.
US manufacturer Com-Net is using Web technology for Its next generation of FIDS.
In a separate contract with the Port Authority of New York and NJ, the company will replace the multi-user FIDS system at Newark Airport with state-of-the-art plasma displays showing text, graphics and video-based information.