FIECFellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches
FIECFédération de l'Industrie Européenne de la Construction (French: European Construction Industry Federation; Belgium)
FIECFédération Internationale des Associations d'Études Classiques
FIECFood Industry Environmental Council (McLean, VA)
FIECFederación Internacional de Entidades Catalanas (Galician: International Federation of Catalan Entities; Spain)
FIECFinancial Impact Estimating Conference
FIECForesight International Education Center (Taiwan)
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Affiliation fees to FIEC amounting to R43 in 1981, R58 in 1982, R53 in 1983 and R68 in 1984 were paid.
FIEC Principles for Sustainability, European Construction Industry Federation.
htm; see also Letter from Lesley Blackner to FIEC Conference Members, dated Oct.
Tanto el Instituto FIEC como la Universidad Antonio de Nebrija se esfuerzan en dar una vision mas humana de la Economia, exponiendo esta ciencia al servicio del Desarrollo Social.
FIEC remains critical of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) as it will not force or "incentivise" owners of a building to improve energy performance.
I must also thank Dr Karla Pollmann, who read and commented in detail on the FIEC version of the paper.
FIEC noted in its testimony that EPA policymakers recognize the zero-risk standard is not needed to ensure the safety of the public, which FIEC believes must remain paramount.
Maximo earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from FIEC.
Prof Hendrickx reported that, after a short interruption, our affiliation to FIEC had been restored.
1) BusinessEurope (private employers), CEEP (public employers), EBC (construction), EFCI (industrial cleaning), Eurochambres (chambers of commerce and industry), Eurocommerce, FIEC (industry and construction), PEARLE (employers in the arts) and UEAPME (crafts and SMEs)
2008): Integracion economica y desarrollo social: reflexiones ante los retos del siglo XXI, FIEC, Madrid.
FIEC stated that many of the small and medium-sized facilities of the 15,000 food companies represented in the FIEC membership would be affected adversely by a Clean Air Act-based climate change regulatory system that did not carefully distinguish climate change regularly system that did not carefully distinguish between significant and small sources of greenhouse gases (GHG).