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FIFForeign Investment Fund
FIFFractal Image Format
FIFFree Iraqi Forces
FIFFive Iron Frenzy (band)
FIFFile Interchange Format
FIFFinancial Institution Fraud (criminal offense)
FIFForced Inspiratory Flow (respiratory measurement)
FIFFamilial Infiltrative Fibromatosis
FIFFive Iron Fan
FiFFrauen in die Forschung (women in research; EUB program)
FIFFinishing Industries Forum (contractors)
FIFFat Into The Fire
FIFFront Is Front (rear engined car)
FIFForward Integration Facility
FIFFailure Intensity Function
FiFFacilities Interface Frame
FIFFrequency Invariant Filter
FIFFinancial Inventory File (Claims)
FIFFibroblast Migration Inhibitory Factor (human lymphocyte)
FIFFree Inquiry Forum (est. 2002)
FIFFirst Industries Fund (Pennsylvania)
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He also informed that FIF provided medical treatment to 3467 patients in the flooded areas.
FIF is a Pakistan-based organization, closely connected to "LeT and its humanitarian front Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JUD).
FIF offers a 1 to 4 year credit for individual clients with an annual interest rate of 15%-17%.
Our distribution capabilities and the strong content FIF provides, will be a positive force in the LTR implementation.
He evaded questions on connection of JuD with the FIF, saying both the organizations were 'different'.
FIF has established joint financing cooperation with banks including PT Bank Permata Tbk and PT Bank Central Asia Tbk.
Joining FIF strategically aligns with Tervela's mission to lead the financial services industry to the next-generation trading infrastructure," said Barry Thompson, CTO of Tervela.
FIF is also responsible for keeping the collateral in the form of motorcycle document (BPKB).
The CAB in Warwickshire faces similar cuts if FIF is scrapped.
Due to the large demand and interest in the program, the CFA has fully allocated the planning grant funding available through the FIF.
Mitrapusaka Artha, before the name was changed in 1991 with FIF.