FIGEField Inversion Gel Electrophoresis (variant of Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis)
FIGEFederazione Italiana Guide Esploratrici (Italian: Italian Federation of Scouting Guide)
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En ese sentido, en el Estatuto FIGE de 1954 se puede leer en el art.
Chapters Two and Three are devoted to Figes as a child survivor of the Holocaust and a writer articulating her wounds.
Born in Berlin in 1932, Figes was a Jewish-German writer who exiled in Great Britain with her parents when she was seven years old, after the Second World War broke out.
At the age of 80, the British-Jewish writer Eva Figes resided in Northern London, the city where she lived since her youth and which turned out to be her adoptive home, and had become the mother of two relevant contemporary writers and critics: Orlando Figes is a well-known historian, who teaches history at Birbeck College (University of London) and has published extensively on Russian history; and Kate Figes writes non-fictional works on contemporary women's issues and experiences such as motherhood.
9) Water lilies being the subject of Monet's painting at Giverny, Figes narrates how he painted a beautiful yet fragile plant slimly anchored to the bottom of a pond, a representation of beauty in arrested motion, as in Keat's "Ode to a Grecian Urn.
Orlando Figes departs from his 20th-century roots in the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union to retell the history of the Crimean War for a general audience.
CAPTAIN Craig Figes believes Britain's water polo men are ready for their Olympic challenge thanks to the experience they have gained abroad.
Figes characterizes the Crimean War as the first "truly modern war" and the "first war in history in which public opinion played so crucial a role.
54) Figes is particularly interested in "the moral sphere of the family," (55) in people's responses to the sudden arrests of their loved ones on fabricated charges and in the inter-generational transmission of family's traditions and beliefs especially if they happened to be in conflict with the values imposed by the Soviet regime.
A cette pause initiale ephemere repond, vers le milieu du film, l'image stupefiante des clients de la boulangerie faisant la queue, figes dans une complete immobilite, dans l'attente d'on ne sait quoi, comme si toute vie s'etait arretee.
As Orlando Figes points out, most British scholars have ignored the Crimean War because disappointment at its outcome led to a belief that it was 'unnecessary'.
Although it is a little hard to sympathise with Verhoef 's heroine, Rendezvous is still a thrilling, twisting read 6/10 NON-FICTION * Crimea: The Last Crusade by Orlando Figes in hardback by Allen Lane, pounds 30.