FIGIEFAFédération Internationale des Grossistes, Importateurs & Exportateurs en Fournitures Automobiles
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FIGIEFA has consequently urged the Commission to ensure that all necessary information be supplied to makers of generic diagnostic tools which could be used on all autos.
However, Sylvia Gotzen, secretary general of FIGIEFA, a pan-European federation of independent distributors of automotive replacement parts, said the reaction of member companies to the pledges was that "the position has improved to some extent but it is not yet sufficient.
This year various representatives of national and European authorities were on-hand to provide information about protecting trademarks and designs, including people from the Association of the Independent Parts Market (VREI), EGEA (European Garage Equipment Association), FIGIEFA (International Federation of Automotive Aftermarket Distributors) and CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers).