FIKIFlight Into Known Icing (aviation)
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Certification for FIKI allows pilots of such aircraft to depart into conditions conducive to forming ice on an airframe.
A FIKI system generally has to have two sources of power, an ice-inspection light, a heated stall-warning vane and heated static source(s).
In "Knowing Known Ice" in January, Lee Smith says "For aircraft lacking a FIKI certification, that means steering clear of all forecast ice.
As with the inadvertent package, the new Cirrus FIKI system has laser-drilled titanium leading edges on the wings, the horizontal stabilizer, plus prop protection.
If you fly a relatively new aircraft that is FIKI certified, you should have some confidence in knowing that modern icing certification is a rigorous process which involves demonstrating safe flight in specific icing conditions, known in the regs as Appendix C Icing Conditions.
The Mirage owns a niche that no other piston single can compete with for comfort, pressurization, speed, FIKI and efficiency--and the ramp presence is pretty nice, too.
CERTIFIED FOR ICE -- In GA, FIKI certification doesn't mean as much as many pilots think.
Systems on the Cessna 210, Mooney and Diamond DA42 scored above average on effectiveness, both FIKI and non-FIKI.
The point is, with or without FIKI equipment, pilots need to constantly evaluate how to safely conduct a flight--the precise point of your editorial remarks and, tragically, of a fatal airline accident in Buffalo.