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Looking quite fresh and rosy after his night's sleep, the doctor inspected my coin with the air of a schoolmaster examining a little boy's exercise; then handed it to Old File to put the finished touches and correct the mistakes.
I said that I would get him the file, and I would get him what broken bits of food I could, and I would come to him at the Battery, early in the morning.
This means that, for returns submitted on the due date (or extended due date), the taxpayer has 10 calendar days to file a paper return.
WAN optimization/acceleration approaches attempt to solve file issues and rely on local caching.
It provides wide area file service (WAFS) software that "gives users instant, simultaneous, and full access to identical files at many remote sites," according to company officials.
For the first time corporations and tax-exempt organizations can file their returns electronically.
Bennick emphasizes the significance of company culture (organizational structure, degree of autonomy for subordinate organizations, management support, work style, and extent of document sharing) toward an effective file system and provides in-depth explanations, illustrations, and examples of
We find it best to write one batch file for carrying the few files that will fit on a floppy, then other batch files for backing up to devices that will hold entire project directories.
Taxpayers who previously received extensions of time to file and cannot file on an extended due date of Sept.
Congress ordered this "significant test group" to successfully file for six months before the next groups are phased in, in batches of 1,500 to 2,250 issuers each quarter, until the process is completed in 1996.
Set up six file folders and keep them handy in a desktop file holder or in hanging "hot files" near your principal work area.
com), the leading provider of on-demand secure file transfer solutions for enterprise users, announced today availability of new features that enable broader tracking and reporting capabilities for electronic file transfers, in response to customers' increasing needs to document conformance with security and compliance requirements.