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FILTHFailed in London, Try Hong Kong
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I can tell him why the citizens of beautiful Redditch are not living in filth.
McAvoy, who played a drunken, womanis ing police officer in Irvine Welsh's Filth, said he had to break a habit after playing foul-mouthed inspector Bruce Robertson.
If our local councillors TOOK a WALK in the PARKS and down the village streets they would be horrified to see all the dog filth littered around.
It is 17 years since Trainspotting and Filth fails to shock like its predecessor.
WHILE Sunshine On Leith will make you feel like floating away, Filth is cinema's equivalent of experiencing a heavy Scottish downpour - without your coat on.
Zero means what it says, so let us not play with semantics and edge zero tolerance with the usual candy-coated soft touch that has left many of us in the city living in a perpetual state of filth or having to report other people's mess to get it cleaned up.
Over 30 years he played in local punk bands including The Filth, Dogsflesh and his last group Funhouse.
At 81 years-of-age I thought I was beyond being shocked, but this peddler of filth was being applauded by an audience that included young teenagers - not that a decent adult audience would find this revolting exhibitionist worth watching.
The Filth Hounds - Hooked On Love/ Too Damn Good HARD rock metal is channelled by The Filth Hounds in this two-track release as they adopt what some may consider to be a dated genre.
The Filth Licker follows on from Cristy Burne's prizewinning first novel, Takeshita Demons.
Maria Teresa Gandolfo Santonja, El sociolecto marginal de Filth.
Most dancers, actors and singers get treated like filth at auditions," Contactmusic quoted him as telling the Belfast Telegraph newspaper.