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FIMForefront Identity Manager (Microsoft)
FIMFédération des Industries Mécaniques (French: Federation of Mechanical Industries)
FIMInternational Federation of Musicians
FIMField Ion Microscopy
FIMFundación de Investigaciones Marxistas (Spanish: Marxist Research Foundation; Spain)
FIMFederation Internationale Motocycliste
FIMFederazione Italiana Metalmeccanici
FIMFisher Information Matrix
FIMForum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics
FIMFlight Interruption Manifest (air travel)
FIMFault Isolation Manual
FIMFellowship International Mission
FIMFundación de Informática Médica
FIMField Intensity Meter
FIMFull Indicator Movement (used for recording run-out)
FIMField Induced Model
FIMFacultad de Informática de Madrid (Spanish)
FIMFacility Investment Metric
FIMFamilial Infantile Myasthenia
FIMFunctional Information Manager (CIM)
FIMFederation Internationale des Mineurs (French: International Federation for Minors)
FIMFree Ion Model
FIMFramework Information Model
FIMFriend Murine Leukemia Virus Integration
FIMFuerza Isométrica Máxima (Spanish: Maximum Isometric Force)
FIMFunctional Integration Manager
FIMFactory Inspectorate Minute (UK)
FIMFacing Identification Marking
FIMFlight Integration Manager
FIMFault Isolation Module
FIMFriable Insulation Materials
FIMFrontier Internship Mission (Switzerland)
FIMFunctional Input Message
FIMFocus Issue Meeting
FIMFilter Interest Manager
FIMFleet in Motion (automotive fleet remarketing)
FIMFederal Insurance and Mitigation (US DHS/FEMA)
FIMFirst in Math (website)
FIMFire Insurance Map
FIMFace in the Mirror
FIMFinnish Mark (old currency code; replaced by EUR)
FIMFlight Instruction Manual
FIMFederation Internationale de Motocyclisme
FIMFamily Income Management
FIMFlint Institute of Music (Flint, Michigan)
FIMFunctional Independence Measure (scale for measuring level of assistance in rehabilitation)
FIMFriendship Is Magic
FIMFree Issue Material (raw material procurement)
FIMFlorida International Museum
FIMFiber Interface Module
FIMFrente Independiente Moralizador (Independent Moralizing Front, Peru)
FIMFacility Improvement Measure
FIMFranchise Information Memorandum (UK)
FIMFox Interactive Media
FIMFinance and Information Management
FIMFairness in Media
FIMFeature Interaction Management
FIMFisheries-Independent Monitoring (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)
FIMFederated Identity Management
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FIM, which bought the solar farms using equity, now has projects aggregating 137MW in its portfolio.
PATECCO also supports companies from different industries and universities to get full-control of users' identity and access management by FIM Certificate Management which is tightly integrated with underlying Microsoft technologies including the two Windows Server components Certificate Services and Active Directory.
Patient was assessed and scored on DRS (table-I) and FIM (table-II) before starting interventions and re-assessed after 03 month on same scales.
Established in 2008, FIM has grown over the past few years to become one of the region's leading managers with $1.
I am very happy that through this investment, EFG Hermes found a very strong partner in Hedi and the entire FIM team.
Comment: Following the investment, EFG Hermes will own 50% stake in FIM
FIM and its member unions have been campaigning for several years with the aim of improving airlines' policies so that musicians traveling with their instrument are treated fairly and are fully informed about regulations governing the transportation of musical instruments.
ANOVA test was used to test the difference in FIM score between the different lesion sizes.
Gates open for the Adrian Flux British FIM Speedway Grand Prix at 3.
In the St Asaph control room, which also has some North Wales fire service personnel, Insp Jones is simply referred to as FIM by those answering 999 and 101 calls.
Conclusion: CIMT group showed more significant improvement in motor function and self-care performance of hemiplegic upper extremity as compared to MRP group in patients with sub-acute stroke assessed by the MAS and FIM scales.