FIMLFull Information Maximum Likelihood
FIMLFidelity Investors Management LLC (Delaware)
FIMLFreedom in My Life (website)
FIMLFootball Is My Life (fantasy football league)
FIMLFinancial Institutions of Myanmar Law (est. 1990)
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Because the FIML procedure was used to deal with item nonresponse, the LISREL software program provides only two goodness-of-fit measures.
In addition, by using FIML to estimate our models, we were able to include information for the entire sample--including those participants who left the study.
The test results suggest that FIML bivariate probit estimation is appropriate for modeling nursing home use, whereas single-equation ML methods are best for modeling paid home care and informal care.
2) FIML requires that the model include the full equation system, with as many equations as there are endogenous variables.
13) Results by SUR model and by FIML have been found almost the same as there is insignificant contemporaneous correlation between the residuals of the two equations in the model.
The FIML estimator was selected because there were missing data, and this is common in telephone-based data collection surveys and caused by item non-response (Arbuckle & Wothke, 1999).
The FIML works by estimating a likelihood function for each individual case, so that all of the available data are used.
In both the OLS and the FIML joint estimation (we will refer to the FIML as a "joint estimation" for the remainder of the article), we find similar demographic effects on claim payment.
An alternative would be to use full-information maximum likelihood (FIML), but errors in the specification tend to be magnified with FIML (Greene 1993).
The measure of absolute fit used in this study was the chi-square test because AMOS does not provide other absolute measures when missing data is estimated with the FIML imputation procedure.
Gas Management, the Ute Indian Tribe, and FIML Natural Resources, LLC have signed a letter of intent to form a joint venture company to construct, own and operate a natural gas-gathering system on tribal and other lands in the southern portion of the Uinta Basin.
FIML estimation provides consistent and asymptotically efficient estimates (Lee and Trost).