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FIMSFestival International de Musiques Sacrées (French: International Festival of Sacred Music; Switzerland)
FIMSFaculty of Information and Media Studies
FIMSFinancial Information Management System
FIMSFlow Injection Mercury System (analysis of mercury by atomic absorption spectroscopy)
FIMSFront-Opening Interface Mechanical Standard
FIMSFleet Information Management System (software)
FIMSFacilities Information Management System (DOE)
FIMSFédération Internationale de Médecine Sportive (International Federation of Sports Medicine)
FIMSFoundation Information Management System (MicroEdge)
FIMSFarook Institute of Management Studies (India)
FIMSFedEx International MailService
FIMSFort Irwin Middle School (Yermo, CA)
FIMSFault Isolation and Monitoring System
FIMSFront Interface Mechanical Standard
FIMSField Information Management Strategy
FIMSFederated Identity Management System
FIMSFissionable Isotope Mass Standards
FIMSFacilities Integrity Management Strategy
FIMSFault Isolation Modules
FIMSFunctional Independent Measurement System
FIMSFaculty of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences (Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, England)
FIMSFSS Information Management System
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The initial pseudo-molecular weights of evaporating oil at the indicated extents of mass loss were taken as 255, 340, 410, 470 and 535 g/mol (estimated from FIMS data).
The SMAS is a member of the Sports Association of Serbia (SSS), Olympic Committee of Serbia (OKSCG), British Association of Sports Medicine (BSMA), EFSM, and FIMS.
on FIMS averaged 73% of the per-capita income in the U.
Reference has already been made to the belief that English high-attainers compare well with those from Japan and elsewhere and evidence to support this belief quoted from FIMS.
With some changes, the UBSS remained in service until 1993, when it was replaced by FIMS.
Our inclusion in the FIMS project is both gratifying and fitting, given our close collaboration with so many of the industry's leading players.
NEW YORK -- MicroEdge Announces Update to FIMS, the Leading Foundation Information Management System (June 20, 2011 01:30 pM) Source: MicroEdge, LLC
Momentum MAM gets HTML5, active directory support, FIMS compliance, and more.
Farmanullah Managing Director FIMS said that FIMS is always available and they will continue organizing this workshop in future.
NEW YORK -- MicroEdge, LLC, the leading provider of solutions for the giving community worldwide, today announced the release of FIMS 12.
Dalet supports a wide variety of media formats and actively participates in groups promoting industry standards including FIMS and AS02.
Future standards such as FIMS and MXF AS02 promise even greater flexibility for swapping out system components with minimal disruption.