FIMTFederazione Italiana Muay Thai (Italian: Italian Federation of Muay Thai; martial arts)
FIMTFiber-in-Metal Tube
FIMTFire Incident Management Tools
FIMTFirefinder Intermediate Maintenance Training
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In controls CIMT and FIMT were associated with age (r2=0.
DRA patients showed an association of plaque, CIMT and FIMT with age only (P=0.
CIMT, FIMT and plaques were positively associated with age in all groups which confirms that age is a strong risk factor of subclinical atherosclerosis.
The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry will back the FIMT with grants over a three-year programme, help raise awareness of the issues facing veterans and research the most effective ways to support their transition.
FIMT chief executive Nick Booth said: "Taking a direct lead from our patrons, the foundation is committed to ensuring those who have given so much serving their country in the Armed Forces are, in turn, given as much support as they and their families need to re-integrate into civilian life.