FINREPFinancial Reporting
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Invoke XBRL reporting solutions are perfectly aligned with the emerging European regulatory use-cases of COREP and FINREP under CRD IV and Solvency II, making Invoke the partner of choice for major supervisory bodies (such as the European Banking Authority, Banque de France - ACPR and Deutsche Bundesbank), as well as for multinational groups in the banking and insurance sectors (such as Credit Agricole, Danske Bank, CNP Assurances, Groupama, Danica Pension and many others) who fall under the scope of both local and European regulatory imperatives.
Compiling COREP and FINREP reports, which include capital requirements, exposure and other financial information, involves a detailed process of consolidating data from multiple sources.
The new approach from Invoke and Finsbury Solutions is pragmatic and results-oriented, designed to help firms meet their COREP and FINREP reporting obligations on time, by leveraging the spreadsheet-based processes that many firms currently rely on.
When ready, COREP and FINREP data is automatically centralized in a dedicated XBRL portal environment that converts the controlled Excel versions of COREP and FINREP templates into validated, regulator-ready XBRL reporting schedules that can be displayed in a user-friendly XBRL spreadsheet interface for pre-submission review.
The convergence of cutting-edge XBRL technology, regulatory domain expertise and an industry-endorsed approach to spreadsheet risk management has created a unique, rapid-deployment and collaborative solution that is perfectly aligned with the requirements of COREP and FINREP,” adds Antoine Bourdais, Director of the Banking & Insurance Division, Invoke.
Composed of the regulatory reporting platform, FAS Regulatory and its complementary web-portal module that serves to steer the disclosure process, this end-to-end solution allows Bankdata to industrialize the compliance effort needed to for its member banks to meet the many demands of COREP and FINREP reporting under CRD IV.
SAP AG today announced a new rapid-deployment solution that integrates reporting processes of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Financial Reporting (FINREP) to meet new European Banking Authority (EBA) FINREP requirements and the impending July 1, 2014 deadline.
To meet the upcoming FINREP requirements and to ensure accurate and compliant financial reports, banks are forced to act quickly.
The rapid-deployment solution provides customers more than 48 of the 65 FINREP templates and pre-configured content for all IFRS group reports, which supports companies in quickly complying with IFRS and FINREP reporting requirements and helps saves time.
The subject of the public contract is extended warranty on selected information system modifications Metasystem - Information Services - Statistical-accounting database - data collection from non-banks (hereinafter referred to as "MTS-ISL-SUD-SDNS") of expanding its functionality in the project design " MTS-ISL-SUD-SDNS - adjustments in connection with the implementation COREP and FINREP "that were made under contract for modification of MTS-ISL-SUD-SDNS to provide design statements and reporting uniform reporting frameworks COREP and FINREP (hereinafter the "edit MTS-ISL-SUD-SDNS for COREP and FINREP") of 25 6 2012.
These projects and others FINREP, PRC and Solvency II.