FIPCForeign Investment Promotion Center (Russia)
FIPCFederal Investigations Processing Center (security clearances, Office of Personnel Management)
FIPCFédération Internationale des Pharmaciens Catholiques (French: International Federation of Catholic Pharmacists)
FIPCForest Independent Primary Collegiate (UK)
FIPCFinancial Information Processing Center
FIPCFoederatio Internationalis Pueri Cantores (International Federation of Pueri Cantores)
FIPCForeign Intelligence Priorities Committee
FIPCFuel Injection Pump Controller
FIPCFast Interprocess Communication (Cisco)
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Their information security expertise, services and flexibility are some of the best in the industry, making them an ideal partner for FIPC.
A key component of FIPC is the Secure Florida initiative -- a multi-media education and awareness campaign that provides Florida businesses with the information that they require to secure their information security infrastructure.
With the FIPC and Secure Florida initiative, TruSecure provides the state and its businesses with the intelligence services and resources needed to protect themselves," said Mike Rothman, vice president, marketing, TruSecure Corporation.