FIPCOFully Integrated Pharmaceutical Company
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Indeed, as evidenced through the successive and overlapping Kondratiev type long waves of technological focus, that Achilladelis & Antonakis [38] extensively describe, the FIPCO model was well suited in its ability to allow the pharmaceutical industry to take advantage of its evolutionary accumulated expertise in organic chemistry and channel it toward the discovery of new products and product classes.
Indeed, this threat was quite real since the prevailing FIPCO models that had been so successful for them for over 100 years would not necessarily prevail in this new fragmented technological environment.
The historical business model in biopharma is a "vertically integrated" FIPCO where all of the 9 components were "owned" by the pharma company, with some licensing or partnering providing the company with new drugs for commercialization (along with those discovered and developed in house).
We're excited to be working with FIPCO to offer our Reg E solutions to the Wisconsin Bankers Association's members," said Lisa Fraga, vice president and general manager of Banking for Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.
Other Wolters Kluwer Financial Services solutions endorsed by FIPCO include the company's Individual Retirement Account (IRA) documents and services, fair lending compliance software, electronic mortgage document delivery system and anti-money laundering monitoring solution.
Many companies founded in the 1980s and 1990s, which did adopt the FIPCO model, are just now beginning to bring new products into the marketplace.
It also seems to suggest that large companies, mainly big-pharma, have been seeking to adapt their FIPCO business model into a model based on capability complementarity via strategic alliances and other collaborative arrangements.
Such types of responses by large companies also seem to be contributing to modifying the industry structure by gradually undermining (or re-shaping) the FIPCO business model.
Jerry Spellman, President of FIPCO Ventures, was the original investor who helped fund Wonderware(R) Corp.
FIPCO is one of eight organizations that endorse and resell ORCC services.