FIREXFire Extinguishing System
FIREXFiring Exercise
FIREXFree Flying Imaging Radar Experiment (NASA)
FIREXFar Infrared Experiment
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A new facility, FIREX (Fast Ignition Realization Experiment) is under construction at Osaka University in Japan and recently a panel of laser physicists from seven European countries, chaired by Prof.
The GT 500 DZ combines all of the high hardness, high heat treat resistance characteristics of FIREX coating with a PM steel substrate for the cost-efficient machining of high-tensile steel in medium size batches.
Campbell said, "There will be several opportunities to catalyze IFE support over the next 5-10 years," citing plans for operation of the National Ignition Facility (N-IF), OMEGA and OMEGA-EP at the University of Rochester, FIREX in Japan and ZR at the Sandia National Laboratories.
Many of the line items in both families of end mills are available with FIREX multi-layer hard coating, consisting of ultra-thin, alternating layers of TiN and TiAIN to form a super coating.
The cost estimate for FIREX is about one-tenth the cost of the US.