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FISIMFinancial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured (System of National Accounts)
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The methodology of the 1993 SNA for measuring FISIM has been criticised from a conceptual point of view.
To improve on the current situation we need progress on the conceptual disputes around FISIM.
FISIM Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured; a measure of the services provided by the banking industry via loans and deposits.
On the use side, household consumption expenditure, general government consumption and exports and imports are raised when FISIM is allocated among users.
However, saving and net lending are not affected by the introduction of FISIM, as revenue and expenditure increase equally.
Nor is the balance of the current account affected, as the introduction of FISIM entails only redistribution within the current account.
Total quantity or scope: Part 1 offers nine piece system CASIR (EPSJ, FISIM, FMR, GESMES, MON, PSZLA, PSZLA VMR and the future develop-lesztendo CASIR new systems) and CSDB
Note that the NIPAs currently measure gross loan interest for calculating borrower FISIM using the interest income booked by banks, which excludes uncollected interest income on loans on nonaccrual status.
The concept of FISIM was introduced in the SNA in 1968 as imputed bank service charges, but it was not extended to the international accounts until BPM6.
The statistical impact of other major changes, such as goods for processing and FISIM, cannot be determined at this time; therefore, these changes are not reflected in table C.
The allocation to nonresidents would appear as exports of FISIM in the foreign transactions account of the SNA.
For cross-border trade in services, a parallel imputation would be made of imports of FISIM by residents from nonresident financial institutions.