FISPAFederation of Internet Solution Providers of the Americas (Matthews, NC)
FISPAFlorida Internet Service Providers Association
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If the FCC were to grant BellSouth this petition," said Joseph Marion, FISPA Executive Director, "BellSouth would not be required to provide DSL to independent ISPs and their customers.
The filing by BellSouth requires that FISPA respond by December 20, 2004.
FISPA is a not for profit organization founded in 1996 to service Internet Solution providers.
Joseph Marion has also announced that a second follow-up meeting will take place during the FISPA event in New Orleans on May 22-23rd.
FISPA believes consumers and the online merchants can work together to solve these problems.
FISPA also announced that it will be holding its Annual Meeting at DISNEY'S CORONADO SPRINGS RESORT in Orlando, Florida on March 21-22, 2002.
For a list of FISPA Members who can provide DSL Services please go to http://www.
ISP's looking to sell ADSL (with no quantity commitment) and End Users looking to their local FISPA ADSL dealer, can find out more on the FISPA Web site www.
After careful consideration, the FISPA Board reached the conclusion that both Internet Access points are good for South Florida and the Internet Community.
We are encouraging businesses and ISP's to work with BellSouth's FloridaMIX," said FISPA Executive Director Joe Marion.
FISPA also announced, in light of the Internet-television ("ITV") convergence, that any Open Access remedy, and the alternative ISP's enabled by that remedy, should have competitive relevance to Interactive Television.
As the oldest and most renowned ISP organization in the US, it was only natural that FISPA couldn't stay confined to Florida for much longer.