FITDFoot in the Door
FITDFinite Integral Time Domain
FITDFind-in-the-Dark (automated lighting)
FITDFondo Interbancario de Tutela Dei Depositi (Italian: Interbank Deposit Fund Protection)
FITDFORSCOM Intelligence Training Detachment
FITDForce Integration Training Division
FITDFar Infrared Target Detector
FITDForget It, That'll Do (polite form)
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The Commissions investigation showed that FITD acted on behalf of the Italian State when it granted support to Banca Tercas.
According to the information available to the Commission, the FITD has in the meantime consulted its members as to whether they would voluntarily agree to support Banca Tercas.
A commercial software based on FITD is utilized to perform the electromagnetic simulation.
The approach adopts FITD to simulate the EM problem and employs PSTD to perform the acoustic simulation.
Thus, it seems that when people respond "no" to the initial question of a first request, the classic FITD effect occurs, while for the FW condition, an independent effect is added to the FITD.
For this, the basic current and voltage relationship has been further discretized and incorporated into the FITD updating equations [23].