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FITTESTFast Information Technology & Telecommunications Emergency Support Team
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Which were the fittest eyes to inspect the papers of the deceased lady--the eyes of men and foreigners, or the eyes of her own countrywoman?
The quarrel appearing to terminate with this reply, Mrs Lillyvick considered that the fittest occasion (the attention of the company being no longer distracted) to burst into tears, and require the assistance of all four bridesmaids, which was immediately rendered, though not without some confusion, for the room being small and the table-cloth long, a whole detachment of plates were swept off the board at the very first move.
Since the purpose of poetry is to present the essential emotions of men, persons in humble and rustic life are generally the fittest subjects for treatment in it, because their natures and manners are simple and more genuine than those of other men, and are kept so by constant contact with the beauty and serenity of Nature.
A blue-robed man, whose fittest roof is the overarching sky which reflects his serenity.
When she was returned to the silence and solitude of her own home, it would be my fittest opportunity.
They are scientific themselves, and talk of the survival of the fittest, and cut down the salaries of their clerks, and stunt the independence of all who may menace their comfort, but yet they believe that somehow good--and it is always that sloppy 'somehow'--will be the outcome, and that in some mystical way the Mr.
Franklin to speak to Rosanna, and this seemed the fittest time for keeping my word.
In this emergency it naturally occurred to my mind that a countryman of his own, on whom I could rely, might be the fittest person to help me.
Paddy was crowned the world's fittest man earlier this year.
As for the high numbers of students gaining A-grades, Prof French said it may be down to 'survival of the fittest, as it is likely to be the best students who continue with A-level maths.
THE WORLD'S FITTEST YOU is an outline for shedding unwanted pounds and developing a healthy, fit body that one can sustain over a lifetime.
The 39-year-old, who already boasts 124 strength, speed and endurance records, became the first Briton to win the title of world's fittest man in November last year.