FIUFlorida International University
FIUFinancial Intelligence Unit
FIUFingerprint Identification Unit (Sony)
FIUFire Investigation Unit
FIUFraud Investigation Unit (UK)
FIUFoundation for International Understanding
FIUFacsimile Interface Unit
FIUFlorida Intelligence Unit
FIUForensic Investigation Unit
FIUFacilities Interface Unit
FIUFiber Interface Unit
FIUForward Interpretation Unit
FIUFDDI Interface Unit
FIUFault Insertion Unit (aircraft)
FIUFiber Optic Interface Unit
FIUFiles and Information Unit
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FIU and FAMU will join the University of Florida and Florida State University as having public law schools in Florida.
As a result, the credit organization receives information from the citizen whose authenticity is confirmed by the electronic signature of the FIU, and can use them to assess the financial position of the borrower.
The FIU released the list on its website showing the names of NBFCs which have been found non-compliant to the PMLA rules.
The new division at the FIU will be in charge of examining and analyzing those transactions.
Collaborating with FIU helps us advance Research & Development efforts, while tapping into the highly skilled Engineering talent in Miami-Dade County.
An important step was taken in 2016 when the FIU signed memoranda of understanding with the police, the Customs & Excise Department, and the Income Tax Department with the aim of improving information and resource sharing, and also carried out a national risk assessment with technical assistance from international experts in order to highlight potential money laundering risks and plan future actions.
Leadership continuity is an issue as there have been three FIU Directors in as many years.
FIU houses more than 4,000 international students, from places as far-reaching as Columbia, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.
The FIU is administrative, sending reports of alleged money laundering and terrorist finance crimes to law enforcement authorities.
CIDC reorganized all specialized units and placed them under the 701st Military Police Group (CID) in 1996, and the activity was redesignated as the FIU.
An FIU survey in 2007 found that Cuban-Americans in Florida overwhelmingly oppose travel restrictions and limits on remittances.