FIXMLFinancial Information Exchange Markup Language (FIX Protocol Ltd.)
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Our new ASP electronic trading service called FIXtp creates a new class of hosted FIX services for buy side firms," said Brian Ross, chief executive officer of FIXML Flyer.
Plus, FIXtp clients receive free FIX certification by FIXML Flyer.
The Sarvega XML Speedway software is standards compliant, including support for standards such as XML, FIXML, ACORD XML, MDDL, ebXML, XBRL, as well as others.
For example, financial services organizations can use the XML Context Router to leverage XML web services to accurately route FIXML and create new, revenue generating services.
Financial Services XA-Xchange Hub interoperates with data sources including SWIFT/SWIFT FIN 2003, FIX, ISO15221, ISO7775, ISO15022, X12 and UN/EDIFACT, SMDX, IMF SDDS, Reuters InterTrade Direct (RITD), Treasury Workstation Integration Standards Team (TWIST), RIXML, FIXML, MDDL and XBRL.
Based on Real-World Production Deployments within Leading Financial Services Corporations, New Program Offers "No Custom-coding, Snap-in" XML Web Services Security for XBRL, MDDL, or FIXML Standard-based Applications
In addition, SAVVIS FTS supports all the popular financial messaging protocols, including FIX, FIXML, FpML, IP-CMS, and ISO 15022.
SAVVIS supports all the major trading protocols, including FIX, FIXML, FpML, IP-CMS and ISO 15022, servicing clients from pre-trade functions to post-trade settlement cycles.
SAVVIS supports all the major trading protocols including FIX, FIXML, FpML, IP-CMS, and ISO 15022.