FIXMLFinancial Information Exchange Markup Language (FIX Protocol Ltd.)
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OCC will use Ascential DataStage Enterprise Edition to help transform a broad range of financial/options data -- including positions, trades, settlements and product data -- into FIXML, an XML-based format, for distribution by OCC's ENCORE(TM) clearing system.
NYSE:TNS), a leading provider of business-critical network and data communications services for transaction-oriented applications, and New York based FIXML Flyer today announced an agreement to unleash the full promise of an advanced, browser based FIX application for electronic trading with financial industry participants no matter how large or small by creating a gateway to the TNS extranet.
ttCONNECT, TransactTools' protocol engine, now supports NYSE's CMS protocol in addition to FIX and FIXML, creating a truly protocol-agnostic scenario that allows customers to centralize all of their messaging connectivity interfaces onto one global STP messaging server.
Sarvega XML Speedway software is standards-compliant, including support for XML, FIXML, ACORD XML, MDDL, ebXML, XBRL and others.
The Sarvega XML Speedway software is standards compliant, including support for standards such as XML, FIXML, ACORD XML, MDDL, ebXML, XBRL, as well as others.
Appia offers multi-version support of the FIX protocol, as well as support for FIXML, Swift, CMS and ACT reporting.
For example, financial services organizations can use the XML Context Router to leverage XML web services to accurately route FIXML and create new, revenue generating services.
Innovision's XML Protocol technology provides the foundation to support a wide range of Internet-based applications and financial XML protocols, including FIXML and OFX.
Financial Services XA-Xchange Hub interoperates with data sources including SWIFT/SWIFT FIN 2003, FIX, ISO15221, ISO7775, ISO15022, X12 and UN/EDIFACT, SMDX, IMF SDDS, Reuters InterTrade Direct (RITD), Treasury Workstation Integration Standards Team (TWIST), RIXML, FIXML, MDDL and XBRL.
XML pioneer Innovision Corporation will introduce today the first-ever real-time FIXML trading application powered by Innovision Financial Server at the Securities Industry Association's (SIA) annual Technology Management Conference.
NEW YORK) Innovision Introduces First-Ever FIXML Trading