FKDFord Klub Danmark (Danish: Ford Club Denmark)
FKDFavorite Kind of Day
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To compare the kneading process by FKD and BMS, tracer particle analysis was performed during a single rotation of the screw.
In the particle distribution after one FKD rotation, particles rapidly transported in the forward direction are seen in a constant proportion.
The above results obtained using tracer particles, which considers the flow trajectory, clarify the differences in the kneading process of BMS and FKD.
In addition, with FKD many particles pass through the flank and root part of the screw element by transport flow.
The polymer rigging blocks from FKD offer a dramatic improvement in physical performance, durability and customer excitement.
FKD (Purmerend, the Netherlands) developed its rigging blocks in cooperation with sport sailors.
PolyOne worked with FKD to identify four polymer solutions for the various parts of these blocks.
Sponsors: Element, eS footwear, Silver trucks, and FKD
Enrique Lorenzo weighed all of his options and then penned a deal with FKD beatings.
Sponsors: I Path, Rasa Libre, Thunder, Spitfire, Planet Earth, FKD and Newell
This is the new-and-possibly-improved re-re-reincarnation of the Tumyeto's Hollywood brand--now done through Syndrome Distribution, home of Status INC and FKD bearings.
Set-up: Any 8 1/4 Flip board, Fury trucks, Ricta wheels, FKD bearings