FKKFreikörper-Kultur (German: free body culture; naturism/nudism)
FKKFauler Kiffer Klan (German: Lazy Stoner Clan; gaming)
FKKFeuer Knueppel Krug (German: Fire, Clubs and Water Jugs; gaming)
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Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Jan 23 ( ANI ): Major FKK Sircar (Retd.
The show's host and camera team would visit the country's FKK beaches, strip naked and interview nudists.
In addition to a national chapter, local FKK associations currently exist in most federal states.
To prove plates aren't just for fools with money and are a lot more accessible than you think, over the last six months I've bought 222 FKK, 800 HLU, OKC 200, WKE 700 and 800 TKP.
The order involves further development of the FKK 520 high-speed encryption device that is now a standard product in the Swedish Defence network.
Items being displayed by Sectra at the fair include broadband encryption for datacom and telecom that is currently being used to protect communications in the Armed Forces' telecom network (PPK 530 for router security and FKK 520 for high-speed encryption with ADMs), and security architecture for networked computers (LWK for LAN/WAN encryption).
The University's Process Research Centre (PRC) transferred to FKK at the end of January this year, so now FKK will be able to offer food manufacturers access to services covering every aspect of the new product development process, from concept through to production.
FKK is a joint venture between Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL), Food Industry Training Reading, and the University of Reading.
The School is one of four partners in the FKK alongside Reading Scientific Services Ltd, Food Industry Training-Reading and the International Food Information Service.