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FLEFrontal Lobe Epilepsy (neurology)
FLEFrançais Langue Étrangère
FLEFoundation for Learning Equality (California)
FLEFondazione Luigi Einaudi (Italian: Luigi Einaudi Foundation)
FLEForest Lake Elementary (various locations)
FLEFlash-Lag Effect (visual illusion)
FLEForeign Language Education
FLEFamily Life Educator
FLEFuture Learning Environment (Finland)
FLEForward Logistics Element
FLEFuture Logistics Enterprise
FLEFatigue Life Expended
FLEFull-Load Equivalent (student enrollment calculation)
FLEFlight Line Entitlement (US DoD)
FLEFunctional Literacy Exam
FLEForeign Legal Entity
FLEFixed Leading Edge (aircraft engineering)
FLEFederacio de Laboristaj Esperantistoj (Esperanto; labor federation)
FLEFuture Logistics Environment (US DoD)
FLEFirefly Lantern Extract
FLEFlandra Ligo Esperantista (Esperanto; labor federation)
FLEFacility Life Extension
FLEFinland, Lithuania, Estonia (time)
FLEFirstline Elite (UK)
FLEFormal Literary Essay
FLEFraternity of Linemen and Wiremen
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Summarizing, this study's contribution is the derivation of incidents that explain the role of boredom in FLE performance.
Sixty patients with FLE were recruited from Sheikh Zayed and Jinnah hospital, Pakistan.
A FLE consists of Soldiers from the GSB, which provides direct logistics support to a Special Forces battalion task force.
DOD national-level policies -- logistics, fiscal, and other -- are under continuous review and being changed as necessary to facilitate the FLE and remove impediments to capability-based, end-to-end customer support.
The 598th Maintenance Company from Fort Benning, Georgia, arrived in Iraq a few days after the 68th CSSB's headquarters, and the 192d Quartermaster Company from Milan, Ohio, arrived the day the CSSB got word of the FLE mission.
FLE aroused neither much interest nor controversy before the 1960s, when the sex revolution initiated a new era for the movement.
In 1993 and 1994 the Religious Education office of the Archdiocese of Washington examined a number of FLE programs, including Ontario's Fully Alive.
Throughout the 16 rotations at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, for which I have served as a support operations officer observer-controller, I have seen only a handful of units execute an FLE successfully.
Through our work with HP and FLE we have now demonstrated that these functions can be successfully deployed across distances as great as 1,000 kilometers.
Results Throughout this research project, I found that using cooperative learning strategies enhanced the learning process in this FLES classroom.
Fles Nord has potentially large gas resources and is therefore of particular interest for the company.