FLECField and Laboratory Emission Cell (testing method)
FLECFinancial Literacy Education Consortium (New York)
FLECFoward Looking Economic Cost
FLECFrente Libertação Enclave Cabinda
FLECFrente de Libertação por Enclavo Cabinda (Liberation Front for the Cabinda Enclave, Angola)
FLECFront for the Liberation of the Cabinda Englave (Angola)
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Formaldehyde and TVOC emissions behaviors according to finishing treatment with surface materials using 20 L chamber and FLEC.
The FLEC (71) includes provisions against cartels and abuses of dominant positions, and allows for merger review and competition advocacy.
FLEC represents practical learning focused on areas that will directly affect children's financial health and well-being.
The FLEC web page provides additional resources that focus on early college preparation.
Estos diferentes imaginarios acerca del territorio y de la frontera representaron y representan la principal lucha politica respecto al territorio entre portugueses, angolenos y cabindeses hasta 1975 y entre el MPLA, que ejerce el gobierno de Angola desde entonces, y el FLEC como representante politico y militar de Cabinda, desde entonces.
In accordance with its obligations under the FACT Act, the FLEC launched a toll-free hotline in 2004, which "serves as an order line for a free 'tool kit' of publications.
Upon Angola's independence, MPLA forces gained control over Cabindan cities and oil resources, and the FLEC insurgency continued in predominately rural areas.
Furthermore, the FLEC sets out a list of factors that, in addition to concentration indices, should be used to determine whether competition has been lessened substantially.
Further complicating the scene was the French-supported FLEC (Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda) operating in a small enclave north of Angola.
The two elements of FLEC were captured at the scene of the incident, the road to Massabi that connects both countries (Angola and Congo)," he said in a statement published on the state-owned news agency Angop.
Senaya, 25, who plies his trade with club side Dibba in the UAE second division, was part of the Togolese entourage that was ambushed by the separatist group FLEC (Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda) as it made its way to Cabinda for the group stages of the tournament.
Prosecutors in troubled Cabinda province, where the shooting took place, said two members of the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda forces, or FLEC, were captured.