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FLETForward Line of Enemy Troops
FLETFlowline End Termination (offshore industry)
FLETForeign Literature in English Translation (various universities)
FLETFinland Latvia Estonia Time (time zones)
FLETFinancial Literacy Education Training (UN)
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For example, Flets ADSL in Tokyo charges [yen] 4,850 per month while Verizon Communications (Verizon Online DSL) in New York charges about [yen] 5,979 and BT Broadband charges [yen] 4,477 in London.
Inline installation of 12 FLETs weighing up to 217 mT and 6 ILTs, weighing up to 197 mT, Onshore prefabrication of approximately 1,750 numbers of 18 CRA 48.