FLEXEFrom Local to Extreme Environments (Penn State University; State College, PA)
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LISTERINE[R] ULTRACLEAN[R] Floss features is shred-resistant and stretches and flexes to slide easily between teeth.
Tenders are invited for provision of flexes for banners and hoardings and ksk signages and gasoline resistant stickers at various ros/ksks under udaipur do.
Once a three-letter athlete, Jeff now flexes his mountain-gardening muscles in Bend, Oregon.
Vicky Donor actor Ayushmann Khurrana flexes his muscles for Men's Health and turns Mr Wise Guy with amonthly column, Ask Ayushmann Anything
Other boot lab tests include: Mechanical feet flex test: This machine flexes the footbed of a boot thousands of times to see how well it will hold up to actual use.
Knightley impressively flexes her acting muscles in Say When (called Laggies when it premiered at Sundance), playing a 20-something, who can't face up to adulthood and gets the perfect chance to regress when she befriends a teenager (Moretz).
The ground has also been decorated with flexes and large posters emblazoned with Khan's pictures.
As Iran flexes its muscles in Iraq, with the US military gone, ordinary Iraqis are asking themselves these questions: Had it not been for the 2003 US invasion, was there the slightest chance of the Saddam dictatorship's fall?
Diamond's new IceMan FLX features the industry-first FLX-Guard, an innovative cable containment system that flexes inward during the draw to absorb torque that would otherwise be transferred to the riser.
The RTE star flexes his muscles on stage for Howie The Rookie - appearing nothing like Nidge.
Neil Dudgeon, better known for dramas like The Street, Sorted and Messiah, flexes his comedy muscles to star as millionaire Roman Pretty, an over-protective father to three daughters.
He flexes provocatively in his dark bedroom wearing only a pair of gray Polo boxer briefs that he constantly adjusts, running his hands over his obliques.