FLHPFederal Lands Highway Program (FHWA)
FLHPFantastic Locations Hellspike Prison (gaming)
FLHPFanny Lou Hamer Project
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Understanding that character, respecting it, and then building a road in an environmentally sustainable way defines the work of the FLHP and its partners.
The following seven vignettes capture the spirit of the FLHP and demonstrate the magnitude of some recent projects.
On Annette Island in southeastern Alaska, the FLHP played a vital role in jumpstarting a project that had languished since World War II.
FLHP offers numerous solutions to address or circumvent these types of problems.
FLHP engineers use nondestructive evaluation methods to provide insight into what previously might only be assumed.
FLHP remains instrumental in delivering projects by working with other agencies and FHWA offices to find engineering solutions to the challenges posed by nature.
The FLHP team uses the vernacular "lying lightly on the land.
Ultimately, the FLHP supports government-to-government collaboration and enables FHWA to help fulfill the Federal Government's trust responsibilities with tribal governments.
In this issue of PUBLIC Roads, the article titled "Accessing America's Treasures" celebrates the 25th anniversary of the FLHP.
In total, the FLHP supports about 232,000 kilometers (144,000 miles) of federally owned roads that are open to the traveling public.
The FLHP vision is to "create the best transportation system in balance with the values of Federal and tribal lands.
The FLHP Indian Reservation Roads Program (IRR) was altered too.