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FLINGFront for the Liberation and Independence of Guinea
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If you go to work for the Cutters, you're likely to have a fling that you won't get up from in a hurry.
But she has no great tenderness even in her best of moods, and, sooner or later -- oftener soon than late -- is apt to fling off her nestlings with a scratch of her claw, a dab of her beak, or a rankling wound from her barbed arrows.
Down there they talk of the heavenly King - and that is right - but then they go right on speaking as if this was a republic and everybody was on a dead level with everybody else, and privileged to fling his arms around anybody he comes across, and be hail-fellow-well-met with all the elect, from the highest down.
If she had had any linger- ing notion of exposing Alfred Temple, Tom's offensive fling had driven it entirely away.
That would do; she would fling her dearest possession into the depths of the water.
You quite shock me; if you mean a fling at the slavetrade, I assure you Mr.
You fling me back on lust for a passion--vice for an occupation?
Earnshaw was ready to fling it out of doors: she did fly up, asking how he could fashion to bring that gipsy brat into the house, when they had their own bairns to feed and fend for?
He felt ready to leap upon him and fling him to the ground if he dared to lift the gorgeous hanging that concealed the secret of his life.
No," said the niece, "there is no reason for showing mercy to any of them; they have every one of them done mischief; better fling them out of the window into the court and make a pile of them and set fire to them; or else carry them into the yard, and there a bonfire can be made without the smoke giving any annoyance.
Kennedy had uttered a cry of despair as he saw Joe fling himself to the ground.
Well, comrades and friends of my youth, we've had our fling and lived and reveled.
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