FLIPRFluorometric Imaging Plate Reader
FLIPRFluorescent Imaging Plate Reader
FLIPRFuture License of Intellectual Property Registry (digital media distribution system)
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They want the features of our FLIPR and our competitors don't have the same features, [such as being able to integrate the reader] into an automated screening environment," he explained.
s FLIPR (Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader) system, used in advanced assays for drug screening research.
FLIPR (Future License I of intellectual Properties Registry) has become the first file sharing system to secure a deal with a major music publishing organization.
With the initial one-year agreement between SODRAC and FLIPR, music producers and record companies can participate in a Peer-to-Peer distribution system that remits royalties to both the publisher of the song and master recording owner.
FLIPR is the first system to offer us these kinds of services, in addition to compensating artists for the material they rightfully own," stated Claudette Fortier, director general for SODRAC.
0, supports data analysis on all of our microplate readers including Analyst and FLIPR," explains Mr.
Berg provides analysis of the management team now at full strength, as well as the future introduction of the Firefly fluorescent microplate reader and the next generation FLIPR.
These products bolster the already substantial cell imaging product offerings of Molecular Devices, which include the Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader (FLIPR) system, along with updated versions FLIPR 2, FLIPR 3 and the Chemiluminescence Imaging Plate Reader (CLIPR) high-throughput cell-based assay screening system.
The company also hopes to expand the number of end markets for its FLIPR product and decrease R&D spending by year end to 12%-13% of total revenue.
Molecular Devices released the FLIPR Membrane Potential Assay Kit, developed for the study of ion channels using high-throughput screening.
Molecular Devices introduced FLIPR Calcium Assay Kit to improve screening efficiency when using the FLIPR system.
Skatron's microplate washer line will complement MD's Spectramax microplate readers and FLIPR fluorometric imaging plate reader systems, according to MD officials.