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FLIPSFlight Information Processing System
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The events of the day, in combination with the twins, if not with the flip, had made Mrs.
Blomquist: While flippers appear to still be behaving rationally in most markets, too much flipping is still unhealthy for a market, and we are starting to see an increasing number of markets that are reaching new highs for flipping rates or hitting nine- or 10-year highs for flipping rates, which is an indication that those markets are at risk for overheating given the disproportionate share of home flips.
6% share of total homes sold that were flips during the first quarter was 26% below the peak of home flipping in the first quarter of 2006.
Commenting on the study, Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac senior vice president, said, "Not only is the share of home flips on the rise again, but we also see the flipping trend trickling down to smaller investors who are completing fewer flips per year.
A flip is considered a home purchased and subsequently sold again within 12 months.
Chancellor Alistair Darling has been blasted for flipping FOUR times between what is his main Flip Alistair - one Gordon one one and secondary home, and Communities Secretary Hazel Blears THREE.
Hart lost a coin flip with Saugus earlier in the day, giving the Centurions first crack at COC.
Four-foot nine and rising, David Gonzales came all the way from Colombia to ride for Flip and sling salads to ollie out in the US of A
And Earth is long overdue: The last flip occurred more than 750,000 years ago.
For a wide range of possible spins, the coin never flips at all, the team proved.