FLIRBFront Loaded Interest Reduction Bond (Brazil)
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The Republic has selected 520 bps as the FLIRB Clearing Spread and 520 bps as the DCB Clearing Spread.
Country Recommended Credit Cheap Expensive Weighting Trend Assets Assets Argentina Overweight Positive Par, Pro 2 Republic 03 Brazil Underweight Negative Discount, MYDFA EI, Global 01 Bulgaria Neutral Positive Discount FLIRB, IAB Ecuador Neutral Stable Par, Discount PDI Mexico Overweight Positive Par, Discount UMS 07, BNCE 04 Morocco Neutral Positive Nigeria Neutral Stable Panama Overweight Positive FRN, Republic 02 Peru Neutral Stable
Poland Underweight Stable DDRA Par, RSTA Par Russia Overweight Positive MinFin III, IV; Global 01 $Vnesh Venezuela Overweight Positive FLIRB US Treasury Overweight Stable Five-years, 2020 6.